Friday, 3 January 2014

"Your Nipples Are Showing...."

If people have such an averse reaction to bra straps showing in the land of the pure, imagine how they would feel if a woman's nipples were able to be detected through clothing. 

Admittedly its distracting, and if I can see someone's nipples poking through their shirt, I don't know where to look.... but I certainly don't find myself in a position to tell them to go put a bra on. Every woman should have that much (and FAR more) ownership over their own bodies. The fact that people have said this to this submitter is outrageous... the nerve... honestly, how can someone think to make such a personal decision on behalf of another? 

And what of those times when someone's nipples insist on showing through the bra... what then... chop them off? 

We need to stop having this bra-policing attitude (and its almost always women) - and know that an adult woman can make these choices/decisions for herself. 

I'm a feminist, its no secret. But I don't have the guts to leave my house bra-less. I will however defend every woman's right to do so (sometimes bras can be fucking uncomfortable).  If this submitter wants to, then she should be able to... more power to her! That element of choice is key to freedom. I may not want to do it, but I want to have that choice. 

Once again, thank you ladies for your wonderful, varied and beautiful submissions! Please keep em comin' 

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