Friday, 27 December 2013

"Your Bra Strap is Showing"

I can totally relate to this weeks submission. And it fucking pisses me off when others (almost always women) feel the need to keep an eye on my bra straps. When I was younger and gothier I would wear ultra flamboyant bras with sheer fishnet shirts, sometimes sparkly and sometimes fluorescent.... clearly I did not give a fuck if my strap was showing. But still, I encountered the odd person telling me my strap was showing. 

Frankly, what is the big deal? 

why are we so afraid of breasts, that we can't even have the strap of the thing that holds them up peek out? 

It isn't the biggest scandal in the universe... and clearly sometimes people are going through far more important things to worry about how much of their bra strap is showing. As you can see the person in the picture below was going through something a tad more important. Lets get things in perspective, and not hate on, or fear breasts so much in the future. 

Ladies, if u see a defiant bra strap boldly looking out into the world.... just let it be. It too deserves to feel the warmth of the sun.  

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