Friday, 20 December 2013

Body Politics: You cannot shame me for who I am.

So last week was a trip, with some assholic disapproval and douchey disappointment - all geared at the woman bold enough to bare herself with unconventional pit-hair. How dare she defy the standards of beauty set for women... how fucking dare she. And on top of that to be a lesbian too? Come on... this was not the 'show' many men were hoping for.... perhaps they thought I'd put up a bunch of pictures touched up in photoshop, all soft-lensed and dreamy.... maybe a seductive hetero strip-tease? Victoria's secret lingerie perhaps? Sorry hetero* penis-owners, this is one thing that will NOT cater to your needs, nor be geared towards you. I apologize...I know how spoiled you are as a target audience - everything is wrapped up all pretty for you... and put on a fucking silver platter. Maybe I can pull out my tiny air violin and play a little something to mark this sad, unjust occasion?

*I know you're not all assholes (don't get ur undies in a bunch), I happened to be married to a lovely hetero penis-owner myself. So please bear with me while I address those who are.

Anyhoo, back here on earth....I'd like to post the second pair of bosoms.

The shit we put up with since we're little... the shaming.. and the feeling dirty for just having mammaries....I hear you, sister. The fuckin' dupatta (scarf) - what a hypocritical and inconvenient piece of cloth....don't get me wrong.... its a lovely, flowy accessory.. but when that element of choice disappears and you are shamed for not draping it properly (especially when most contemporary dupattas are flimsy and see-through and don't cover anything). If you like dupattas and enjoy wearing them... then I stand behind you.... but there should be some flexibility in how or if we choose to wear one.

Imagine how a child just going through puberty processes this kind of shaming and sexualization..... way to make her feel guilty about having breasts before they've even fully developed.

Ladies, once again....I will say please continue to send in your submissions.... nicemangosDOTblogATgmailDOTcom - and don't forget to include a line about how you have been discriminated against or shamed for being a woman! (If you're just tuning in, read the original post about the project here)

Cheers! I'll leave you with some of the fabulous hate messages I have received... oh and keep those comin' to, don't be shy.... we need to hear exactly what people's mentality is like in this day and age.


  1. Great post. No need to apologize for our bodies. Shaming women and girls is a misogynist practice that is constantly used to control women. Also, dupattas are a fire hazard in kitchen. I hate them.

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