Friday, 10 January 2014

A woman's place is in the home...

So in previous posts, we've been speaking a bit about how women in our country often police each other for the smallest things... like a bra strap showing, or heaven forbid if someone were to make out the shape of your nipples through your clothing.

We still haven't moved much beyond the 1950's in Pakistan, and sometimes I question if we've even reached the 1900s at all.

With joint families still in existence, we have the perfect environment for woman-on-woman policing. That's right the notorious 'mother-in'law' ---- who knows why so many of them insist on living up to that stereotype.

The situation this submitter describes is sadly not an uncommon one at all, in our part of the world. I have personally seen several mothers-in-law trying to dictate what their daughters-in-law should wear, etc. And similarly the new recruit/maid daughter-in-law is expected to take over the 'womanly' duties.... namely, anything to do with the household/kitchen. Just as her mother-in-law before her... and hers before her. Its so common, that we don't even bat an eyelid... or think for a moment how damaging it is to a persons self worth to be told what to wear and what their respective duties are.

Its Twenty Fourteen for fucks sake. Women, can we at least count on each other to be less misogynistic from now on?

And on that note, as always, please keep those submissions comin' - it's time to expose this bullshit for what it is. Send to:


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