Thursday, 23 January 2014

"...grab my ass in a public place..."

Unwarranted ass-grabbing is an epidemic in our country. Almost exclusively done by men... to unsuspecting women. 

Like seriously, its a fucking epidemic... if we took it seriously enough, we'd have an anti-ass grabbing Public Service Announcement on national television. (I have seen some cool initiatives online...but this needs to go on a more accessible medium like TV)

Even my poor old grandmother can't go to sunday bazaar without a giant chaadar (sheet) wrapped around herself... because she's told me that men have grabbed her. I mean..... how fucking sick and desperate do you have to be... to grab a grocery shopping grandma?

And of course, the natural solution everyone has to this is that women cover themselves up more and more when they go out. No focus on the assholes that go around grabbing/molesting women against their will. Its a man's world after all ... and that's what men supposedly do. If i was a man i'd take serious offence to these savage animals.

I remember one time while I was in Pakistan ...and in some amazing, intriguing, distracting open-air bazaar.... I had my ass grabbed (this was the first time it happened) - it took me a second to realise what had just transpired.... I was livid and looked around to grab the guy by the collar .... but I was in the middle of a massive crowd .. with no way of knowing who grabbed me. The utter helplessness I felt at that moment... was something I will never forget.

Of course, I've had unwanted body contact in crowded buses with men in Toronto too.... so relax before you send me your "Don't ruin Pakistan's reputation and why don't you write about the West" emails. But it's rare. Equally horrid when it happens.... but while I lived in Pakistan, it was almost a given if I wanted to go somewhere crowded. That should never be an expectation when you're leaving the house.

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  1. Dear Eiynah! Thank you for putting up my post and your story is exactly like mine, in the sea of people of a shopping place I couldn't make out who grabbed my ass, when I confronted my sister she told me I should have turned and slapped the first person behind me regardless of the fact if it was him or not. *Sigh* I felt so helpless then I was only 16! Anyways, those days are behind me now and thanks for appreciating the nail color, cheers ;)