Friday, 14 February 2014

"totally asymmetrical breasts..."

"I wanted to respond to those ads which I see in newspaper to have them toned through
some sort of balm or massage.  However, later I found that all those creams are nothing
but hoax. 

I am also not looking forward to my potential knight in shining armour to go all derogatory about
my ill-aligned boobs.

Few months back I discussed it with mom and she went furious and rejected the idea for
have reconstructive surgery out rightly. 

Having said that, I am dispatching few of my yucky knocker’s clicks."

Dear Submitter, 
I appreciate your strength in sending a submission that clearly has caused you a lot of sadness and insecurity. But to be honest with you, I had to look at your pictures for quite a while to look for the 'imperfections' you were referring to... and still... I can't see any issues. 

I hope that you have been following this project and have seen that breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyones nipples look the same...and thats ok! I can't see any real asymmetry at all, lots of women's nipples point outwards... some point upwards, some point downwards...and some point forward...that's just how it is - variety, it strengthens the gene pool! 

I am so deeply saddened to hear that you were taunted about your breasts by a 'close friend'...there is absolutely no reason that someone should comment on others breast shape or size, its very personal and highly sensitive...that was a very unkind thing to do. That may have contributed to why you view your breasts in such a negative light. There is NOTHING wrong with them at all.

Also, I'm glad you saw past those ads in the paper, these things are never credible. Don't consult anyone other than a licensed doctor in regard to matters about your body and health. 

In my view, it's bizarre that you went as far as thinking about 'reconstructive surgery' - what on earth for?!! what would you 'reconstruct' ? 

Please don't live in fear of what will happen when you expose your breasts to a man. Straight men are usually very happy to see a pair of nekkid boobs. They have other thoughts in their mind once those are me, no one will be sitting around analyzing the exact proportions and symmetry of your breasts. Plus I don't think anyone's are perfectly symmetrical. 

Do not refer to them as 'yucky knockers' again! They are perfectly lovely. 

Hope everyone has had a fine anti-mullah valentines day! (In actuality I despise the day myself, but I'm on board if it pisses the extremists off).

So I drew a little somethin' 

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  1. Ladies from the land of the pure who have the confidence to bare your breasts, I salute you!

    Those are amazing breasts my lady, I assure you, not only is that the colour which attracts the most, and the shape and size that is really inviting, the real thing is that those areolae just allow me to be so much more creative in so many ways! I mean I would love to have a whole pack of Nestle cream over those ;)

    For all those who have told you they are not pretty, tell them to FUCK themselves! I mean, just look at them, it is out of pure admiration that I am commenting, and I hope that you, my lady, do read this post. You are beautiful just the way you are, you do not need to listen to any one. I have always said that in Pakistan, everyone is a "Chief Justice" that is the extent to which we are always judgemental about other people, and that perhaps is the biggest curse on the intellectual maturity of this country.

    I am from Karachi, Pakistan and have once interacted with Eiynah as well. The work that she is simply outstanding, and I wish her the best of luck.